Describe Your Best Shot of the Month

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Re: Describe Your Best Shot of the Month

Post by sjduffers » Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:50 pm

Impressive, @GBOGEY, but that’s a lot of best shots of the month... Not that I am complaining. I have probably never had a sequence like that. 👍
I'm gonna go low this time...

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Re: Describe Your Best Shot of the Month

Post by GBOGEY » Mon Apr 26, 2021 5:39 pm

Two entries for this month even though one violates my qualification principles:

Saturday a week ago I came to the 17th really needing a par to secure a strong round. The 17th green is long left to right but not very deep. The center of the green sits on a ridge and the lower left and lower right sides slope steeply away from the middle. Well the flag was on the lower left and my approach ended up lower right. From about 70 feet, playing at least 10 feet of break up and over the center of the green, I holed it, well almost, it wobbled about five feet from the hole and ended up three inches from birdie. Tasty par.

Saturday this week on the first hole (par 5) I was 240 yards from the player ahead of me on the green. A good 3W for me goes 220 and a 5W 210 WITH ROLL. Wasn't feeling it so I hit my 5W to get close - went at least 220 carry and 250 with the roll right into the guys in front of me. Embarrassing but they understood - easy two put birdie.

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Re: Describe Your Best Shot of the Month

Post by DougE » Mon May 03, 2021 10:27 am

Location: Worthington Manor, 8th hole. A long, extremely uphill par 3. Highest green on the course. Overlooks the whole course. From the back tees (where the blue tees were set), I got a rangefinder distance of 178 yards. Playing distance, about 195 yards with slope and light opposing wind added into the calculation.

After a huge hook with my 21* hybrid off the tee left me a couple feet off the fringe of the 5th hole's green, I had very little chance to make par. Was hoping for bogey at that point.

The 8th's green sits about 25-30 feet higher than the 5th's green (the second highest green on the course, and the two are separated by a row of tall pines. My hook hit the cart path left of the green and bounced through those pines and down alongside the 5th green, 40 yards away from the 8th's pin. My only choice from there was to go through the pines or over them. To go over them, I would need a 90-100 foot high, 40 yard long shot. Though I have a good flop shot in my arsenal, an uphill flop shot that long and high seemed nearly impossible. I could try to go under the trees with a 40 yard uphill punch, but keeping the ball low enough, while hitting from an uphill lie---and short enough to not go 100 feet past the pin---seemed unlikely too. So, I looked for an opening up by the tree tops that had less foliage between two of the trees. There, about 70 feet in the air, was a thinner section of branches. That was my target. Trees are 95% air, right?

Rather than try any kind of a flop, I leaned my shoulders way back with the slope and did my best to make a smooth, clean, high full lob, just hoping to get it through the treetops and keep it on the green. It was a short-sided pin from my location with plenty of green behind it. I hit the shot exactly as I had envisioned in my head. Actually, even better. I knew it got through the trees unscathed and felt the distance was good, but from my location, I could not see where it landed. Imagine my surprise when I walked up the hill and into view of the hole, when I saw my ball sitting a foot and a half from the pin, giving me an easy tap-in for par.

That's one I won't forget.

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