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Club fitting with the Club Fix in Costa Mesa

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 12:04 pm
by gpickin
Mark Parish is often on the GolfHolics videos, worked at the Club Fix in Costa Mesa, so supporting the club agnostic little guy and friend of the show just seemed right.

I made it down there after not touching a golf club in a month or more.
It was a super informative learning experience. I like watching youtube fittings etc, I always learn a lot, but Mark still taught us a thing or two, and measuring the actual stiffness of clubs, actual loft and lie and swing weights, was awesome.

The best thing, since we couldn't do a full fitting since we dont know how to gap the wedges until we can get more accurate distances on our new irons, it was really affordable, and he even regripped all the non iron stuff in my bag for me.


First was the irons, which i needed, my R9s felt light, and almost weak and the shafts meant that my misses weren't small.

I hit 6 different irons, and each time I hit something, I'd hit the callaway rogues again and they were long and tight. Feel great.
The M6 was close, but the Rogues kept my spin low, and i just couldn't hit them bad.

I broke a ball in half, so i had to rehit a couple of clubs, they felt weird, then the ball came apart, and i was like, that makes more sense :)

I couldn't hit the Srixon's to save my life, Mizuno felt nice, but just not the same control.

Other than being old, there was no weight in the head of my irons with all that R9 foam they have, and with my shafts being Stiff, with lengthening they were playing more like regular... so i have to go up to X stiff and maybe with the length they might feel more like stiff.

I was hitting my 6 iron in my R9 like 160-165... I hit these things 200-210 yards, rediculous... they are a little strong, but i only hit my R9 5 iron 170 so still a big change. This means I can drop my hybrid and my 4 iron since this 5 iron will cover those, I'll make more room in my bag for wedges, since i really need that help.

I need them 2 up, makes sense being 6'5" and all. My old ones were 2 inches long, but we're going to try 1.5 inches long this time, to reduce the length so it doesn't affect the stiffness as much.
I got some video of the fitting, so I'll cut it up and share the good stuff, and the bloopers :)


Also did find out why my wedges suck so bad... none of them were on their number.
No wonder my 50 and 54 almost went the same distance, and i had to use the 56 instead of my old 58 because i had a huge gap to try and fill.

50 was actually 49
54 was actually 51
56 was actually 57
60 was actually 59 ( dont play usually )
64 was actually 65 ( dont play usually )

He bent them back to what they were supposed to be... I'm curious what my 54 will actually do now.

Since i'm getting new irons, with the A wedge being a 49, the 54 should work, but I care more about the distance than the degree gap at this point, so i'll dial those in once i get the new irons. The P for the Rogue is a 44, so i might actually get a new 48 and 52, and then use 56 and 60 to make up my numbers, to keep them a little closer, or i might even go 3 degrees, since i struggle with my 56 ( 57 ) with thinning etc, so i might be better off just doing 50% and 75% shorts with bigger degree wedges.

That looks hard to interpret, so below might make it clearer.

D 3W 3H 4 5 6 7 8 9 P 50 54 56 Putter

This seems overkill for my wedge level
D 3W 5 6 7 8 9 P 49 54 56 60 64 Putter

So maybe
D 3W 5 6 7 8 9 P 48 52 56 60 64 Putter more consistent degree gap

so maybe i'll go P44 47 50 53 56 60 or something...
D 3W 5 6 7 8 9 P 47 50 53 56 60 Putter
I can always add a 2 hybrid and drop the 60 or something.

Lots of choices


I tried the Hazardous Black in the M5 - mid launch shaft, pretty nice.
I tried the new Hazardous Green in the M5 - low launch shaft, really nice.
Tried one of the Callaway Epic heads, the D2 swing weight felt so light it was awful.
I weighed mine, its E1, my brother has lead tape on his, E7, I like something in the E1 to E7 range, otherwise i can't feel the head at that speed.

My brother has a hazardous black in his 5 degree krank, and it was tipped, then snapped and re-tipped, so it was playing like a 47 inch long XXXX... its pretty nice.
My 47 inch X was more like a Regular/Stiff because of the length and not being tipped.

So he told me to stay with the krank, for low degree heads, stability and strength so we dont cave the heads in, and then go with a hazardous black super tipped or a $400 green if we really want super low trajectory.
I am going to add some lead tape at the minimum to mine, I really liked hitting my brothers except since its almost 4X now it doesn't have any flex in it, and i have to be really warm to get it to flex.

It was crazy how light the epic is, i bet people can really get that thing moving.

Fairway / Hybrid

I love my hybrid, but it doesn't hit it far enough with the new irons, so didn't bother, will just test it on the course.
3W i just hit really bad, so I'll worry about that another time, maybe i'll get an aggressive 2H at 15 degrees instead since my shot shape and attack angle seem to work better on hybrids.

Well worth the time, definitely worth the money - can't wait to try out the new irons.

Worse part? I leave for NZ in 2 weeks, no time to golf before then, not taking the clubs with me, i have to wait until palm springs at the end of july to try them out.

Re: Club fitting with the Club Fix in Costa Mesa

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:38 pm
by gpickin
Got the clubs, hit them at the driving range, they feel so good.

Going to big time mess up my yardages etc.
Going to go out tomorrow with them for 1 round before I head to NZ... haven’t played in a while, it’s going to be fun and terrible at the same time.

Expect a bad score tomorrow

Re: Club fitting with the Club Fix in Costa Mesa

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:23 am
by MattF
gpickin wrote:
Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:38 pm

Expect a bad score tomorrow
That's enough of the negativity!

Re: Club fitting with the Club Fix in Costa Mesa

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:19 am
by gpickin
I shot 54 in the first 9.
That is what I expected. Rusty.
A quad, a triple, 4 doubles and 3 bogeys.

I shot 39 on the back 9 though, so 93 total... happy with that.

Especially with a 2 ft tap in for birdie on the par 5 28th to finish.

Feel so much more comfortable on my irons / wedges now.
And working my driver right to left helped straighten it out some.

If I can remember my 10 thought pre shot checklist I am golden ;)

Re: Club fitting with the Club Fix in Costa Mesa

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 3:45 pm
by Duke of Hazards
Hey- was your fitting outdoor or on an indoor monitor?

Re: Club fitting with the Club Fix in Costa Mesa

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:05 am
by DougE
Rather than start a new thread....

Later this season, I am having a full fitting with one of the premier fitters in the country who was on Tour for 25 years fitting some of the biggest name players out there. He has retired from the Tour life, settled down and has set up a shop nearby to me. He came recommended to me by two club pros and one excellent player I know, all independently of each other. We've already been introduced and I let him know that no matter what he sees in my swing and ability, I will be playing all Titleist, so don't bother trying to coax me to some super-duper custom club or any other brand. That much is certain. And he has assured me he won't need to. He can make any brand club head perform better in my hands, Titleist or otherwise. However, I am 100% confident that he will set me up perfectly in every other variable (loft, lie, swingweight, shaft, flex, length, yada, yada). If he decides my wedge shafts should be the same as my irons, or that my ballstriking is no longer sharp enough for another set of pure blades, I'll listen. (Hello new Titleist T200s.) Based on what I have seen come out of his shop for some of the top players in the area, and the reviews I have heard directly from them, I am sure he'll know and find all the answers I'm looking for in club set-up.

If anyone is interested, his name is Mike O'Barsky (look him up) and I can assure you he is well known by Titleist. He actually worked for them in his early days traveling with the Tour. Then he developed a specialized/customized fitting software program once he went on his own, and Titleist tried to buy it due to its success on Tour. He wouldn't sell. So, he's probably on their shit list. IDK.

The fitting is extensive, yet not that expensive. (Hey, I'm a poet!) $150. Of course the club work, new iron heads and custom shafts will add up to a fair amount, so I will be putting a load of old clubs on Ebay soon to offset THAT cost. No date has been set for the fitting yet, but I'm excited, curious and a little nervous. Hoping I can get my driver swing back in shape and working consistently before we get together. (It's been on an unscheduled vacation for the last month! :facepalm )

Re: Club fitting with the Club Fix in Costa Mesa

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:43 am
I could use some vicarious living right now so I think you should go ahead and schedule your fitting for next week. What's the point of delaying? The sooner you are fit the sooner you will have new Titleists.

Re: Club fitting with the Club Fix in Costa Mesa

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:49 am
by DougE
GBOGEY wrote:
Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:43 am
I could use some vicarious living right now so I think you should go ahead and schedule your fitting for next week. What's the point of delaying? The sooner you are fit the sooner you will have new Titleists.
A. The new Titleist irons won't be available till fall (though I am more interested in shafts for my existing irons right now).
B. He's traveling, working with some Tour pros in Florida for a couple weeks.