Net Tournament - Playing From Different Tees

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Net Tournament - Playing From Different Tees

Post by bkuehn1952 » Wed May 24, 2017 7:35 am

Toss out your prejudice against "net" events, if you have any, and consider this issue. A group of 200 seniors ranging in age from 50 to 91, play one day tournaments. Handicaps range from -0- to 36. In the past, we would split the 100 man field into four flights of 25, separated by handicap. The "A" flight played from 6,300-6,400 yards with handicaps from 0-9, "B" & "C" from 6,000 with handicaps from 10-15 and 15-20 respectively and the "D" from around 5,000-5,300.

A small but determined lobby of older gentlemen agitated for "pick your tee". So, I play in the "A" flight BUT I select the "white tee" at 6,000 yards. Bob the Bomber plays in the "A" flight but plays from the "Blue" tee at 6,400 yards. Our handicaps are adjusted for the tees so my handicap allowance is chopped a stroke (or possibly 2) but otherwise we play "even" from there.

The real issue is "skins". We play gross skins within each flight. So Bob the Bomber tries to birdie a par 3 from 175 yards while I get to do it from 150. It used to be that the better players had an advantage in skins as the -0- handicappers competed with me @ 9 handicap even up from the 175 yard tee. Now I am putting the peg in the ground 10-25 yards closer.

Of course, everyone in the "A" flight could elect to play the "white" tees. But pride and a desire for a bit more of a challenge is going to keep most of them on the "Blue".

As a solution I might try to make the par 3 holes the same and adjust the yardage differences mainly in the 4's and 5's to reduce the advantage to we "white tee" players enjoy. It is difficult to re-arrange the skins pools but that may be the only true fix.

Other ideas?
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Re: Net Tournament - Playing From Different Tees

Post by jfurr » Thu May 25, 2017 1:35 pm

I see your delimma. Are you doing closet to the pin on par 3's? Per flight? In that case using the blue teees for all A players makes sense. But doesn't help the birdie skins on par 4&5 differences.

You could figure what holes you get strokes on based on hole handicaps and factor those into your score. Like a reverse handicap. Not sure if that's fair, through.

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Re: Net Tournament - Playing From Different Tees

Post by jasonfish11 » Thu May 25, 2017 1:43 pm

Seems odd. I've never seen the "pick your tee".

I think I'd allow people to only pick their tee if they agreed to opt out of the skins match. So you have set tees for each handicap range, and you play the tournament at net like you described with pick your tee. But if you elect to play a set of tees outside of your "designated" tees you automatically are excluded from the skins match.

Would anyone have an issue of "bob the bomber" elected to play the forward tees, and then proceed to win a skin on a 405 yard par 5 where he hit Driver/Wedge/Putt for an eagle. But his flight should have been playing the hole from 525 yards?

I think that is the situation you put yourself in trying to do gross skins with a pick your tee format.
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