January Golf!

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Re: January Golf!

Post by legitimatebeef » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:23 am

I am not really a fan of couples golf in theory. It happens to work for me. I have a better time and usually play to a satisfactory level. Helps that Ms Beef is a gamer, tries really hard, and has some semblance of ability. I think her presence creates a sort of buffer between me and the outside world--I tend to focus on her experience and maybe that keeps me from focusing on this asshole or that asshole and why the hell are they taking so long etc. I coach her pretty intensely throughout but we have a great time. I don't micromanage, I give broad cues like "shift your weight forward" or "hit this like a big chip". So far it works. Our goal for her now is to break 100. She is totally capable and when she does it, it will prove definitely that I am a decent teacher of beginning golf. The only thing I don't like is whenever I have to yell at some fuckface or give them the business, she tends to get flustered. I suppose that's most civilized ladies though, hate confrontation. I'm sure eventually she will come to understand the rough and tumble world of NYC muni golf and why I need to be so, uh, direct with certain people.
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Re: January Golf!

Post by gpickin » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:56 am

My mistake was I wanted to give her some advice, since she topped a few, but she didn't ask for it :P
She thinks I'm too competitive to play with, which I don't think I am, but I guess compared to some I am, but its with myself.

I just hope she gives me another chance, i think we could have a lot of fun golfing, we have so many other great experiences, but I'm not pushing it, I'm ok to golf alone or with friends.

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Re: January Golf!

Post by GBOGEY » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:05 pm

Mrs. Bogey enjoys walking the course. She could be good if she would work at it but she doesn't care enough. Her short game has been lacking which drives me crazy, but she did try harder on that this year. Post move bought her some nicer clubs and she now enjoys it more, but she doesn't play unless it is +70 degrees.

Speaking of which, 6 rounds in December and 6 in January so that part of the move has been great. Supposed to be 60's this weekend although it may rain a day. Told the Mrs. the other day that a headhunter had called trying to lure me back north - her response was, "no, we are not going back to that weather."

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