Your All Time Easiest Hole?

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Your All Time Easiest Hole?

Post by bkuehn1952 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:47 am

One of the few features of "Skygolf360" that is fun is "Stats per Course". I went back 10 years and looked at all the courses where I had 10+ scores. Which hole played the easiest (or more correctly, least difficult)?

The penultimate hole is #7 at Huron Meadows. It is a par 3 that plays about 140 yards, slightly downhill. I qualified for the "Million Dollar Challenge" on this hole decades ago. In 43 attempts over the past 10 years, I have 7 birdies, 31 pars and 5 bogies.

The winner was a bit of an initial surprise, although after thinking about it, I think it makes sense. #8 at Lake Forest is a very short par 4 which plays 280-290 yards, somewhat downhill. The feature that makes this a slight challenge is it is shaped like an upside down "L". 240 yards straight leaves one in the fairway with a partial wedge. This is what I do. Go straight and too far and one finds the heather. Several of our Forum members would launch a drive over the trees to the green. A risky shot since the green is surrounded by heather but even I have given it a go a few times. In 27 attempts I have carded an eagle, 6 birdies, 15 pars, 4 bogies and a double (probably one of the times I went for it).
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Re: Your All Time Easiest Hole?

Post by jasonfish11 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:02 pm

Last time I checked it was #2 at Red Wing Lakes.

It's a par 5 that is about 480 from the tees I normally play. I think I had 8 birdies and 4 bogies with a bunch of pars when I checked last. All 4 of the bogies came from a drive that went left into the woods.
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Re: Your All Time Easiest Hole?

Post by GBOGEY » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:25 pm

#15 on my current home course Links at Galloway - according to SG 4.6 average. In 19 rounds, 2 bogeys, 7 birdies, and my only real par 5 eagle. Only hole I've ever had a below par average.

I now consider this hole a total birdie/par guaranteed. Almost blew it yesterday - chunked 3rd shot from 40 yards, then chipped to 10 feet. But made the putt.

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Re: Your All Time Easiest Hole?

Post by legitimatebeef » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:06 pm

#5 (formerly #7) at Dyker Beach. Short par 5 dogleg right, about 460 yards. There is a fairway bunker and a big tree on its knee, but the tee is elevated, allowing almost any weakling to cut off the leg. I don't know about stats but if you don't have a mid-iron into this green, and the wind is not gusting in your face, you are disappointed. (I once reached with a SW :facepalm) If you fail to make a par here, you will probably want to go home.
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Re: Your All Time Easiest Hole?

Post by sjduffers » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:51 pm

My lowest average score on a hole (played a good number of times) in the last 4 years is 5.1. It's on a straight par 5 (510 yards), with no bunkers in the fairway or greenside. It is some 50 yards or so out of reach in 2 for me, most times, although I remember going over the green once after a unicorn-like drive of 310ish yards (summer baked fairways, downwind and hit the speed slot just right...). I have scored 14 birdies, 54 pars, 23 bogeys and 2 doubles (1 of them including a penalty) in the last 4 years. This is on probably the second-most played course in my rotation.

ETA: The key to success there is to drive in the fairway as there are trees on both sides, the fairway is not overly wide and it slopes left to right. I was in the fairway just under 50% and on the green in regulation just over 50% of the time. My overall fairway hit stats in the same period is about 61% and the GIR stat just under 27%
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Re: Your All Time Easiest Hole?

Post by gpickin » Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:43 am

I decided to look it up... i have only a few rounds at most courses, for courses with 10+ rounds, this is the winner.

Its a pretty short, wide open ( just OB on the left if you really hook it ), slight uphill par 5. Its easily reachable in 2, with a driver and a 3 hybrid / 4 iron. The green is pretty slopey, so I have 3 putted there plenty of times.
I think i made my first eagle here, should have made plenty more than that.

HOLE 1 - 480 YARDS, PAR 5
Avg Score: 5.7
Sand Shots: 1
Penalty Strokes: 1
Avg Putts: 1.95
Putts after GIR: 2.17
Best Score: 3 (5/13/17)
Worst Score: 10 (3/13/11)

Double Eagles: 0
Eagles: 1
Birdies: 1
Pars: 10
Bogies: 6
Double Bogies: 3
Other: 2

With less than 10 rounds, i have a few holes that are half over par, but over 10, its .7 over par.
On another course, i have played 50 times, and have 3 birdies on each of the par 5s... but i also blow up on that course a lot more ( more trees ).

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