The wrap around season

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joe jones
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The wrap around season

Post by joe jones » Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:55 pm

I really don,t see a lot of benefit with the new format. Is it just me or is additional revenue for the tour the main reason. Yes I am old fashioned but there was a logic to the year coming to an end in October or November and starting up with the new year. Even some of the silly season events were fun to watch sometimes. I have a feeling that the fuller schedule is putting pressure on some of the top,players and they may breakdown either emotionally or physically. Jordan Speith is already complaining about the constant wear and tear he is starting to feel. Gary Player who was the most prolific world traveler of all time has indicated that he wouldn't be able to do it even with the improved travel methods of today. I know it,s hard to pass up the massive purses today but I would hate to see some of these great young talents beak down after a few short years.There is a lot to say about playing well into your late thirties or beyond.

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Re: The wrap around season

Post by DougE » Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:57 pm

I like the fact that there is Tour-quality golf after the FedEx Cup and that some of the more unknown guys who have good game get a chance to shine. However, frankly, I rarely watch until the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii. In the meantime I would much rather watch the LPGA if that is available.

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