Theft! Grumble grumble

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Theft! Grumble grumble

Post by bkuehn1952 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:42 pm

I owned a Cannondale Quick 6 "Commuter" bicycle until some time today. Rode to work, parked in the back of the building where no one goes except employees of the tenants (our company and Duo Security - computer security). Locked the bike to the rack (front tire, rear, frame) with a cable and padlock. Not enough to stop a determined thief but enough to require a large bolt cutter. The bike is 9 years old and originally cost around $450 so I never thought someone would go out of their way to steal it. It was literally 10 feet from the entrance.

I came out at 5:10pm and was a bit surprised not to see the bike where I had left it at 8:30am. Did I drive to work today, I thought and then realized I was carrying my helmet. Crap!

Ann Arbor is not particularly crime ridden but with 60,000 students there is a fair amount of petty property theft. I foolishly thought my locked, 9 year old, inexpensive commuter bike wasn't cool enough to warrant a theft. I hope the m-effer gets hit by a hit & run car and spends 2 months on crutches. :fuckall
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Re: Theft! Grumble grumble

Post by DougE » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:46 pm

Who walks around with bolt cutters that large in an area where no one typically goes, except someone who has seen that bike sitting there regularly in the past. Someone from that building would not surprise me. I'm guessing there are no cameras back there, but might there be any elsewhere in the vicinity that could have captured the theft? That really sucks. Sorry to hear it.

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Re: Theft! Grumble grumble

Post by legitimatebeef » Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:09 pm

Sorry BK. Me and Ms Beef were both stolen from. Around here, a 9-year old Cannondale or any name brand bike is a prime target. Mine was an 1980s Univega. My mistake was spending less than $50 on the lock. Losing your bike really hurts. It's an especially personal item. What other item do you straddle, and rub your sweaty crotch against to such a degree? That makes bike theft especially immoral. Don't worry, I have already recited some horrible death and disease curses on the low-life who did this.
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