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Gay slurs in golf

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 10:52 pm
by legitimatebeef
What is it with gay slurs in golf? Justin Thomas blurted one out on Sunday, and it ended up costing him his clothing deal.

But he is not the first, golfer to get busted in this act. Five years ago Patrick Reed also abused himself with a homophobic attack.

It goes even farther back. Fifteen years ago Vijay Singh abused himself, savagely. This is my favorite of the three, a classic.

Re: Gay slurs in golf

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 8:40 am
by DougE
JT was dropped by Polo as a result. He was not mic'ed up at the time of the slur and was talking to himself with no crowd. Can you imagine if Nike did that every time Tiger dropped an F bomb?

JT will have NO PROBLEM finding a clothing contract. He seems a great personality for the game in general and a perfect ambassador for any line. Personally, I like him in FJ clothing. He's kinda traditional. He fits the FJ look IMO. And he already has a shoe contract with them.

Re: Gay slurs in golf

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:22 am
by legitimatebeef
Fuck is worlds better than faggot in this context. Fuck might be offensive but not to any specific or marginalized group. I was shocked at Polo's extreme action but in a way, I admire the way they pulled the trigger so quickly and decisively. Perhaps it is a statement to the world, that certain marginalized people don't necessarily have to sit back and take all the abuse, that they have power and influence and can hit people where it hurts too. More than likely though they weren't thrilled with the returns on their Justin Thomas investment and that made it easier to say bye. Still it won't be easy for them, they will now have to endure a chorus of shrill whining about cancel culture.

High functioning adults don't just blurt out words that aren't already in their vocabulary. Justin Thomas getting frustrated over the result of a golf shot is common occurrence in that line of work. So ultimately I am sympathetic to Polo. They probably saw it more as a peek into someone's character than some freak anomaly. Not accusing Justin of being a bad guy or anything, just a regular guy, who probably refers to his chums as faggots and retards. Endorsing products with your image is not regular guy work, it requires discretion, but most athletes manage it without getting contracts canceled.