About time ... SkyGolf360

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About time ... SkyGolf360

Post by bkuehn1952 » Sat Jun 20, 2020 7:32 am

The latest announcement ...

The SkyGolf Member Forums are currently unavailable and under re-design. We look forward to launching a new and improved Member Forums at a future date. Thank you for your support of the forums.

I think I casually looked at the "Forums" once or twice a year. They are/were completely over-run by spammers. Anyone even slightly interested in a golf conversation would have quickly given up.

I have no idea how SkyGolf is doing financially. I hope they hang in there. Since I gave up on "The Grint", SG is my one data collection site. I have scores input there going back to 2007. Of course I have a backup spreadsheet but not with all my insightful commentary and stories.

My gut feeling is the "subscription" model SkyGolf uses is outdated. There are two many free phone apps and GPS units that after the purchase have no additional fees (like my Garmin). It will be another sad day if/when SkyGolf pulls the plug on my "free" membership. I wonder if anyone at SkyGolf even knows that as a former oober, I have free access?
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