The Annoying Partner/Fellow Player Thread

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The Annoying Partner/Fellow Player Thread

Post by bkuehn1952 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:18 pm

Here are just two from the past 2-day tournament:

1. The Bare Foot Wonder - Jeff was the 3rd competitor in our 3-some. He would set-up with his club head wide open and presumably count on his timing to close the face enough at impact to hit it straight or with a slight draw. It worked sometimes. When we weren't looking for his ball, he played at a fairly leisurely pace. He was always slow to the tee (hitting last after the 4th hole onward). He would re-tee his ball several times on each tee, looking for just the perfect spot. Three practice swings, then hit. Then fumble around with his clubs while I walked (and our other guy rode) down the fairway to wait for him to finally arrive. By the 15th hole, he decided his shoes hurt and he took off his shoes and socks and played bare foot. I tried not to look but he should have trimmed his toenails. He kept telling me about last year's tournament when he shot 81 & 84 and finished in the top thirty. He wasn't aware that I played last year and keep copies of the results. He shot 85 & 85 last year. This year he shot 100 with us and 105 the last day.

2. Soliloquy Man - Day 2 found me playing in a 2-some with Mark. He is a tall and strong 60 year old. He hit the ball a long way and occasionally straight. Mark asked if I minded that he sometimes would talk out loud to himself. No, I did not mind. Big mistake. I had to listen to a 4 hour monologue on which club to select, where to hit it, what went wrong, yadda, yadda, yadda. Fortunately he rode and I walked so I could stay away except on the tee and green. The capper for the day was on #16. I am 120 yards out on the par 5 hitting my 3rd shot. He had raced in his cart to his ball that was not in my line but 75 yards ahead. As I begin my back swing he starts yelling at me, "Am I in your way? Am I in your way?" I almost missed the ball and shanked it off to the right of the green. He said he was sorry if that disturbed me. I decided to just shrug and not risk a jury trial for justifiable homicide. I got up and down for par but Mark is on my personal "Do Not Fly" list (along with Shoeless Jeff).
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Re: The Annoying Partner/Fellow Player Thread

Post by legitimatebeef » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:55 am

I hate Soliloquy Man, and his cousin, Self Coach. The guy who has to spell out everything he just did wrong and then browbeat himself for it.

"You're totally hanging back on your right side."

"You're chopping at it!"

"COME ON, Leo!"
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Re: The Annoying Partner/Fellow Player Thread

Post by jasonfish11 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:23 am

Even more than self coach the guy giving me tips really pisses me off.

I told one guy "no offense I'm working with a coach and I'm not going to listen to you"
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